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Cranial Osteopaths Basingstoke and Mortimer
COVID-19 Policy

Covid-19 Statement

Our Covid-19 policy has been created after undertaking a thorough covid-19 risk assessment. Below are measures taken to keep the public and staff safe from covid-19. However there is always some risk. Even though we take hygiene as seriously as we can, we cannot guarantee  a 100% COVID 19 free environment.

Heightened cleaning regimes

  • Treatment rooms will be cleaned after every patient encounter, all hard surfaces will be wiped clean and floors moped.

  • Waiting room will be closed. it will not need to be cleaned at the end of the day.

  • Patients will not need to touch anything in between arriving at the clinic to the treatment room where they will wash their hands.

  • Toilets will be used only when asked for and will be cleaned after each use.

  • Weekly deep clean by our cleaner with a checklist.

  • Card machine will be cleaned after each use and hand sanitiser provided for patients.

  • Hand sanitiser to be used on arrival by all patients and members of staff.

Increased protection measures

  • Appointment times staggered to reduce the chance of people meeting in the building.

  • All patients and visitors will be triaged before entering the building.

  • Pillows changed from fabric to wipeable and pillowcases removed.

  • Privacy screens removed from the treatment rooms.

  • Fans removed from the treatment rooms, clutter from desk removed, all objects placed in the cupboard.

  • PPE will be provided for all staff including receptionists and practitioners. Gloves, apron and mask for practitioner - Gloves and mask to be changed between patients, masks can be worn per session or changed once removed.

  • Patients to wear masks, if they don’t have one they will be sold one at cost price.

  • Temperature checks to be taken on arrival of all patients, staff and visitors any high temperatures will be refused entry.

Put in place distancing measures

  • Waiting room to be closed and patients asked to wait in cars.

  • Case history will be taken using social distancing whilst in the clinic room.

  • Patients asked to attend alone unless a required carer/chaperone/guardian.

Staff Training

Offering a full range of Osteopathic Treatment

Local Osteopathic Treatment Centre

  • All staff have been shown how to “don” their PPE and the protocol associated with wearing.

  • Correct hand washing has been shown.

  • All staff have read the risk assessment, the patient journey and the clinic policy.

  • All staff made aware of current guidelines and advice.

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