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Introducing The SpinE Health Centre

Effective osteopathic healthcare, sports and rehabilitation therapy for all the family

Tel: 01256 352241

Introducing The Spine Health Centre

A comprehensive assessment and an understanding of the causes of pain is crucial for diagnosis and effective treatment.

Introducing The Spine Health Centre
Osteopathic manipulation of your back is usually a painless “freeing-up” experience..
Introducing The Spine Health Centre
Kelly, our experienced pilates instructor will help you get back to full fitness through effective exercise programmes with specific attention to “core stability” work.
Introducing The Spine Health Centre
Yoga classes with Debbie, is an effective way of improving spinal health and mobility as well as helping you bring balance to your daily living.
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Effective osteopathic & Sports Injury healthcare
for North Hampshire & West Berkshire

01256 352241

We are more than just putting you right.

The Spine Health Centre was established in 2000 and is now a multi-disciplinary centre - bringing together our team to diagnose and treat spinal conditions and related problems. The emphasis is to provide holistic care and rehabilitation therapy along with Osteopathic treatment allowing our patients to feel part of the process which also aids healing and recovery.

We are able to treat a whole range of musculoskeletal problems ranging from joint and muscle strains through to more complex joint problems and sports injuries, as well as general spine and joint pain and problems in children and older people.

How we Help
Where Lower Back Pain Begins.

This video animation gives you background information about the structures of the back and the causes of back pain and what can be done to help restore your back to health.

Experience that matters

Treatments that make your body feel right

Osteopathy can help many, often painful, conditions. Please see some of the conditions below and click on the icon for the area where you have your pain or problem and it will open to a new page, with more detailed information, as well as video animations.

How we Help

Where Neck Pain Begins

View this video animation to understand more about the anatomy of the neck and the causes of neck pain and what can be done to restore your neck to health.

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Patients Say

“I came to see Darcy a few months ago for upper back and neck pain which was really starting to get me down.
He saw me and was able to make a diagnosis fairly quickly and with 3 treatments of manipulation I was a lot better and continue to be so after these past few months.
Every time Darcy has managed to not only treat but also advise long term solutions to prevent those problems from resurfacing. He cares, is very professional and extremely knowledgeable.

I would recommend Darcy to anyone who needs a good effective and honest osteopath.”
Happy Customer
Joe Rhee
“Came to see Darcy after suffering for years with back pain due to scoliosis with no treatment resulting in a lot of tightness in the muscles surrounding the curves and straight away from our first session he demonstrated that he knew what he was on about and was very professional and friendly. He has helped so much easing my pain, I would recommend him for anyone with back and neck issues.”
Happy Customer
Krista Christian
“I have been seeing Darcy for over 20 years, he is caring, professional, knows what he's doing, and makes a positive difference every time I visit him.”
Happy Customer
John Elwin
“The best professional that you wish to have! I'm an IT professional I spend a lot of time behind a computer and sometimes sitting and having a bad posture. As a professional I suffer often from back pain, stiff neck and other syndromes. I have tried acupuncture technique, and services and helps from different osteopath but none of them reach Mr Darcy expertise. As any professional sportsman or sportswoman will have their own osteopath. I'm glad to say I found mine. I use to ask for his services every 2 or 3 years for a quick fix in 2 or 3 sessions. If you value your body and you want to be within an expert hands. Do not hesitate.”
Happy Customer
Kirikou T
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