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Appointments with Spine & Joint Health Center Mortimer and Basingstoke


What can you expect from us when you visit this clinic

You will be treated with professional care and attention, kindness and with respect for you as an individual.

A case history will be taken to discover the possible causes of the presenting problem.

An osteopathic examination of the relevant parts of your body is then performed which leads to a working diagnosis.

Once your examination has been completed a decision is made as to whether osteopathic treatment is appropriate for you and if so, what kind of approach is indicated.  

When osteopathy is not appropriate we can refer you onto a number of other medical or surgical consultants and healthcare practitioners within our network or we may refer you back to your GP

Please note that you are always welcome to bring a friend or relative to accompany you throughout your consultation and treatment.

If you need help

If you would like us to help you, please contact us by telephone on 01256 352241 or by using the form below or email us Click Here and we will be pleased to discuss with you your problems.

Remember, you can refer yourself to the Spine & Joints Health Centre. You do not need to be referred by your GP.

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