Have you twisted your ankle, knee or other joint, during general activity, or playing your favourite sport? Pain and swelling not settling down, especially on weight bearing and movement?

Then you may well have sprained the ligaments of your ankle, knee or other joint. In the initial phase, the joint may well need taping to prevent the affected ligament from moving and continually irritating itself. Early intervention is important for a shorter recovery time. Booking an appointment now with The Spine Health Centre - Sports Injury Clinic, could well make all the difference to you, in resolving your problem quickly.
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Expert treatment

You will be in good hands with Darcy at the Spine & Joint Health Centre, Sports Injury Clinic, as he has many years' experience in the field of Sports Injuries, being a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine and a fully qualified osteopath.

Ability to diagnose all joint problems

Being an osteopath, Darcy has a greater understanding of body mechanics and where things can go wrong, using his skills to help heal and support strained and sprained joint ligaments. However, you also do not need to be a sports person to attend this clinic, as any person can strain or sprain their ankle, knee, elbow or wrist or have problems with the soft tissues of their feet – plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendons.

Network of healthcare professionals

With the benefit of experience in both sports injury medicine and osteopathic healthcare, Darcy will be able to refer you to the right practitioner or consultant if he assesses that there may be other healthcare issues that he is not able to help you with.

Experience that matters

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Rest assured - you will be in safe hands when you choose to see Darcy Jones at the Spine Health Centre’s Joint & Sports Injury Clinic. Receiving rational and effective treatment for strains and sprains of your joints, ligaments and muscles is important, not only for your current injury or problem, but for being able to maintain ongoing health throughout your life.

Traditional taping techniques are used to prevent ligaments from moving too much, which causes them to become irritated and take longer to heal. Note: apart from the neurological / psychological effects to using Kinesio-taping, there seems to be no clinical benefits of Kinesio-taping for quicker healing of ligaments, compared to normal taping above, as Kinesio-taping is elastic, which is not what is required in the early stages of healing.

Don’t let things “set in” - make an appointment to see a Sports Injury specialist now.

When you visit the Sports Injury Clinic, you will receive a full clinical assessment of your problem. If we by any chance we cannot help, then your assessment will become free of charge.


After a joint or ligament injury, the order of the day is still RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, especially if there is a lot of swelling. A suspected fracture should be sent to A&E for x-ray assessment. Taking anti-inflammatory medication is also useful in reducing the inflammation for short periods of time, until you see your therapist for further advice and treatment.

Treatment involves a variety of different techniques.

Depending on where the location of the ligament or joint strain I - there are lots of soft tissue techniques that can help your individual problem. Not only supportive taping but also self- manipulation/mobilisation exercises as well as electro-medical treatments and injection therapy.

Osteopath Spine Health Centre

We at the Joint and Sports Injury Clinic are passionate about helping people like you, who want to get their bodies healed up and in good health; being able to live more flexible and pain free lives.  

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We hope you will not be disappointed with our rational approach and healing hands.

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Spine Health Centre – Sports Injury Clinic

Darcy Jones, Registered Osteopath and member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

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