Fed up with not being able to sit in whatever position you like? Do you have pain in your coccyx or tail-bone, which is not going away?

Then you may have a true coccyx problem, due to strain of the coccyx joint proper or the ligaments within the pelvis that attach to the tail-bone. Booking an appointment now with the Spine Health Centre, can make all the difference to you, in resolving your problem. We have a lot of experience in treating this painful condition.
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The Spine Health Centre has an extensive network of healthcare practitioners to refer to, including yoga & pilates instructors, as well as spinal and neurosurgeons.

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If you suffer from coccyx (tail-bone) pain, then internal manipulation can be the quickest way to resolve your problem

You will be in safe hands when you visit the Spine Health Centre. We have a great deal of experience in diagnosing and treating coccyx (tail-bone) pain. If the problem is a true coccyx problem, due to a fall on the bottom or traumatic birth for example, then manipulation of the coccyx via a finger inserted into the back passage can be very effective. Tail-bone pain can also be referred from the lower lumbar spine, and nothing to do with the coccyx at all. As always, an accurate diagnosis is important for effective treatment and management.

If you suffer from coccyx (tail-bone) pain, then internal manipulation can be the quickest way to resolve your problem

Pain in your tail-bone when you try to sit normally?

These symptoms can be distressing and impact on your life a lot. Getting the right diagnosis is the key to effective treatment and management.

Manipulation of the coccyx per rectum can be effective.

Internal manipulation of the coccyx by inserting a finger up the back passage (per rectum) is not a painful procedure and can be incredibly effective in sorting out coccyx pain.

Our Coccyx treatment can change your life.

With the right diagnosis from the Spine Health Centre, manipulation of the coccyx can free your life from pain and distress.

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